Pool Rules and Regulations

(Updated April 2024)

1.The Pool is available to all members and their immediate families at no charge. There is a Guest Fee of $5.00 per guest as established per the fee schedule by the Board of Directors (Limited to 6 visits per season).
2. The Pool Manager and Lifeguards are in complete charge of the pool. They have the authority and obligation to see that all pool regulations, as established and approved by the Board of Directors are adhered to in order that the safety of all members is assured. Failure to follow the rules could lead to automatic suspension from use of the pool.
3. If lightning is observed in the local area, members and guests must leave the pool area. As precautionary measure the Lifeguard Staff may close the pool until acceptable conditions return.
4. Children 11 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult member.
5. All Food and Beverage must be purchased from the Club. Personal food and beverages are NOT allowed.
6. Glass containers, breakable items and chewing gum are not permitted in the pool area.
7. Swimming suits are required at all times while in the pool and should be worn in good taste. Cut-off shorts and other forms of street clothes are not acceptable attire.
8. Children not yet toilet trained and/or in diapers are required to wear “Swimmer” type Swimming Pants (No Diapers in the pool).
9. Pets are not permitted at any time in the pool area unless permitted by the General Manager for a special event.
10. Smoking is not permitted within the fenced area.
11. Grandchildren of a member must be accompanied by their Grandparent.
12. Each family is allowed one responsible caregiver to accompany their family or children at the pool. Please contact the Administrative Assistant at the clubhouse to place the responsible caregiver as an extension of the account.
13. Only dependent children of a family may use the pool facility.
14. At pool break, only adults 18 and over are allowed in the pool.